Looking ahead to changes

The fork for Wernfigin on the road to Pentre'r-felin

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Today is certainly an emotionally up-and-down sort of day for me.  I had been waiting for a phone call for a job interview, and it never came.  Here I am, in a room full of people with fascinating jobs in teaching, distributed learning and educational technology, and I haven’t had a job interview since May. I should have worked way harder on my entrance bursary application. I should be out interviewing potential employers and asking, “What ideas would you like to see implemented at your workplace in the next few years?” (thanks, Chris Brown).

While others in my cohort will be going back to their workplace, eager to share what they have learned with their colleagues and implementing it in their practice, I will be… well, I’ll be selling colostomy pouches and applying for work.  Bummer.

But – David Porter, executive director of BCCampus, came and spoke to our cohort this afternoon.  His message to us covered the massive changes expected in education over the next ten years.  A billion potential learners are approaching adulthood.  Major funders are looking at open models of distributed learning to fill the need. Those changes will require changes in instructional design and delivery. Those changes are exactly what we are being trained for.  I am treading on some very fertile ground!

I may not get to my target job right away; after all, I am only four weeks into a two-year course.  But I am certainly on the right path, and pointed in the right direction.