Live, from Royal Roads University!

The Study Group

The Study Group at the RRU library

I’m sitting in one of the computer areas at the Royal Roads library, with business undergrads around me, working on a group project.  It’s nice to have a big screen and a mouse in front of me, since I mostly use my laptop and touch screen.  The facilities here are fantastic.

Today I biked for the first time out to to RRU, taking Craigflower Road from my home in Vic West, and switching to the Galloping Goose trail where the road meets the Old Island Highway.  I’ve been here many times, both as an instructor in Continuing Studies here, and as a Scout leader.  Every spring, Scouts have a “Klondike Derby” on the grounds, making full use of the forested trails of Hatley Park to run a challenge competition. Lots of rolling hills both on-campus and on the way here – if I make a habit of riding my bike, I’ll be in great shape, and it sure beats driving for beauty and de-stressing.

The first thing I did was head up to the Learning and Innovation Centre to get my student card. Alas, it doesn’t save any money at Habitat – you have to be staff to get a discount – but it will be great for borrowing books from the library, and perhaps for scoring cheap bus tickets, should this bike thing get to be a bit much.  From there, a quick lunch at Habitat, surrounded by learners.  Try the falafel wrap – it’s delicious and vegetarian!

Now I’m at the library, which is also the bookstore.  Just go up to the front desk and let the librarian know which program you are in.  Not only will the staff get you your books, they’ll also let you know which ones are in the stacks and which ones are on reserve.  We discussed whether I should buy the APA, as the Writing Centre has those resources online and close at hand.  I’ve left it for now, with the knowledge that I can always buy it later if it turns out that we really need it.  If it’s available as an ebook, I’d like that even better.

I feel very privileged to be here well ahead of our residency period – doing my undergrad, I always found that I studied better where other people were engaged in the same activity.  It also means one less thing to find overwhelming when the residency period begins.