About Catherine

I’ve been playing on the Internet since 1989. Not every day, of course.  In fact, there have been months at a time where I’ve gone off and done other things.  But since I’m endlessly curious, and there’s so much to learn online, I keep coming back.

For over 25 years, I’ve been working either part-time or full-time in communications and adult education.  A lot of that work has been on contract, and I’ve had “back up” jobs to fill the gaps between contracts, and take care of me when burn-out has approached. Most recently, I’ve been the social media specialist at Netscribe, an award-winning web and mobile applications development company in Victoria BC, Canada. Netscribe works primarily with clients in the public sector, helping them to deliver information and services online with the latest methods, from smartphone apps to open data initiatives.  Much of my work involved helping our clients manage change, and bringing them up to speed on communication strategies and techniques.
Since March, when my work at Netscribe ended, I’ve been working at the only Home Health Care specialty store owned by Rexall, and applying for work in communications and education, preferably for an educational institution, a non-profit, or a government ministry where I get to use my education and communications skills.
I am the mother of three boys between 12 and 17.  They bring me bear hugs, steamed milk, XBox controllers strewn around the living room with the empty chip bags and juice glasses, loads of laundry, and great joy. Thanks to them, I now know a lot about ADHD, gifted education (or the lack of it), dyslexia and other processing disorders, and gaming. I’m a firm believer in neurodiversity.  And the benefits of Scouting.
I used to be religious. I still have my sense of wonder.

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