I believe everything I hear

I heard this on the CBC so it must be true…

An intrepid commuter decided to combine thrift and exercise, and started cycling to work along the highway.

“Big whoop,” I thought as I listened, “people commute by bicycle all the time here, and on the highway too.” But it turns out that this cycle trip was in Ontario, and on the 401 from Ajax to Mississauga.

Peter Oldring, the host, went on the morning cycle trip – complete with honking cars, 3-lane merges, hitching onto the back of trucks, and being pulled over for a ticket. The commuter pocketed the slip of paper without batting an eyelid (I assume… this was radio). He’s received about 75 so far.

Why does he do it? Because he can! He’s in great shape, and is breaking new trails.

This is ThatMore awesome stuff from This Is That includes the Pay Per Use Parks program, Canadian kids who practice mixed martial arts, and why a protest group from Saltspring Island wants the Calgary Stampede to change its name.


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