My First MA Assignment

This post was originally published at – I’ll be crossposting to and from these two blogs quite a bit over the next months.

Today’s the day!  First day of class on the road to my Master’s degree.  I’ve already checked into Moodle and seen that 43 participants are with me in these courses in Learning and Technology, and that about thirty of them have checked in and got their assignment already.  I feel slow off the mark – but this isn’t the Amazing Race, right?  Well, it is a pretty amazing journey, anyway.

Here’s the quick version of what we are supposed to do between now and July 20th:

Read our assigned texts introducing various philosophies/theories of learning, and from this, write 900-1000 words describing the following:

Which philosphical orientation toward learning is the closest fit to my own?
  • Use evidence from the readings to support my position – the evidence can be quotations and paraphrases from my texts
  • Illustrate my points with examples from my own experience
    • This can include my own blog articles and quotes from texts that I have found influential, since I don’t have a professional organization that I am coming from.
The purpose of this first assignment is to establish a baseline for my critical thinking and writing skills – no letter grade will be given for this assignment.  Instead, we’ll receive comments about our:
  • writing style (APA)
  • critical thinking skills
  • ability to apply theory to practice
  • self-awareness
I haven’t read the text yet, but I know that I have a lot of experience to draw from, even if I have never stood at the front of a public classroom.  I’ll be drawing from my own experience
  • as a TESL student studying learning theory 23 years ago
  • as an adult learner
  • as a tutor
  • as an adult educator
  • as a “quick study”
I want to excel at this – as someone who has experienced my share of lumps in the work world as well as triumphs, this degree is perhaps the most important thing I have done to move ahead in my professional life.

One response

  1. Catherine,
    It is good to read your interpretation of the assignement, Suddenly, the task does not seem as daunting as I originally thought. Furthermore, I clearly identified myself with your last paragraph. I, too, want to excel at this MA.
    Now, when I meet you during the residency, I might just grab you to iron out my silly blog. I can’t even change the picture! See, more learning.

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